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One of the mottos at Happy Kids World is that children develop at their own pace and that learning should be fun and exciting.

HappyKidsWorld ChildCare Services

Experience Martial Arts!

Tae-Kwon-Do is a great martial art to stay active, gain confidence and learn to respect. For physical activity and entertainment purposes, we offer twice a month trips to the Tae-Kwon-Do Martial Art Gym where they will receive training from professional masters.

Music Lessons!

Music is a critical element in our children's development. We hire porfessional music teachers twice a month to provide opportunities for children to explore and learn variety of songs and dances.

Brain Training program

Early childhood education sets up the child to learn a variety of skills and knowledge that is useful for later education. The process of learning at Happy Kids World is fun, which makes it easy for a child to adapt to the learning environment. The early childhood education at Happy Kids World develops communication skills and problem-solving skills. A 3 year old’s brain uses 2 times the amount of brain energy of an adult, so it is critical to keep the child stimulated with the proper interactive activities. Investing in a child’s development at an early age will benefit that child for a lifetime.

Snack Service

At Happy Kids World, we provide healthy nutritious snacks to promote optimal body and mind function. With the proper nutrients, children will be able to develop into healthy teens and adults.

Drop off and Pick up service

For your convenience, Happy Kids World can pick up or drop off your child for an additional charge.

Educational Activities

Language development : Books, music, story time, finger plays, Large muscle skills: Balls, hula hoops, bean bags, swinging, outdoor play
Small muscle skills : Arts / crafts, stringing beads, pegboards, blocks
Creative expression : Dramatic play, puppets, music / instruments,
Self-help skills : Assist with mealtime preparation, dress self for outdoors
Literacy skills : Books, story board, alphabet and writing games
Brain development : Physical, Emotional, Cognitive activities
Learn through play, Play outdoor everyday

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